Joey & Cub Canoeing Day

November 5, 2017 @ 10:00 – 14:00
Lake Keepit
"Moose" Tom Kay
67922538 / 0427 921 661

This activity is run by Region Water activities team, It is for all Joeys, cubs and there family’s to enjoy a family day out,
E1 Activity Application Here

Supervise the Youth Members
There must be 1 to 4 leader ratio to a Joey and Cub
Parents / Home Leaders are to supervise their own Joeys and Cubs when not canoeing

What Badge will the Cub Receive What Badge will the Joey receive
level 1 / 2 Canoeing Achievement badge Adventure Challence Badge

Lake Keepit
Who needs to complete this form?
Everyone that is attending this event must complete and return this form. That means youth, mums & dads, carers, grandparents, other family members & friends. No form no play.
What do you need to bring?

Swimmers ( NO BIKINI’s ) Board shorts
Long sleeved T shirt or long sleeved rash shirt 2 broad brimmed hats ( one to wear and a spare- these tend to drown
SUNSCREEN cheap old sunglasses (optional)
Drink bottle Change of clothes
Shoes to wear in the water and dry shoes to wear on the bank Morning/ afternoon tea and lunch

Each Group will need to Supply
Canoes, PFD’s, paddles and enough LEADERS / PARENTS to supervise their youth at a one to four ratio

Closing Date
October Tuesday 22 2017 at Region Office