Joey & Cub Canoeing Day

December 3, 2017 all-day
Lake Inverell
"Moose" Tom Kay
67922538 / 0427 921 661
Joey & Cub Canoeing Day @ Lake Inverell

This activity is run by Region Water activities team, It is for all Joeys, cubs and their family’s to enjoy a family day out. E1 Application Form Here.

To Supervise the Youth Members
There must be 1 to 4 leader ratio to a Joey and Cub
Parents / Home Leaders are to supervise their own Joeys and Cubs when not canoeing

What Badge will the Cub Receive What Badge will the Joey receive
level 1 / 2 Canoeing Achievement badge Adventure Challence Badge

Lake Inverell

Who needs to fill out the Application Form (E1)
Everyone that is attending this event must complete and return the E1 form. That means youth, mums & dads, carers, grandparents, other family members & friends. No form no play.

What do you need to bring?
Swimmers (Board shorts) Morning/ afternoon tea and lunch
Long sleeved T shirt or long sleeved rash shirt 2 broad brimmed hats ( one to wear and a spare- these tend to drown
SUNSCREEN cheap old sunglasses (optional)
Drink bottle Change of clothes
Shoes to wear in the water and dry shoes to wear on the bank

Each Group will need to Supply
Canoes, PFD’s, paddles and enough LEADERS / PARENTS to supervise their youth at a one to four ratio

Closing Date
November 17 2017 at Region Office