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Strategic Plan 2016-2018

The Scouts NSW Board of Directors ratified the Strategic Plan 2016-2018 in November 2016, noting it is a living document with ongoing adjustment required to reflect changes in the organisation’s operating environment.

The nine Key Goals support the Association’s mission to be and to be seen as the pre-eminent youth organisation in Australia.

Our Goals

  • A child safe environment.
  • 16,000 Youth Members through the delivery of vibrant, effective and consistent youth programs.
  • 800 additional Leaders through recruitment and retention.
  • A younger Leader demographic.
  • Financial break even across all operations.
  • Lower administrative workloads/processes through smart use of technology.
  • Complete business plans (including maintenance plans) for all Scout properties.
  • A positive and enabling culture, with a united team.
  • Active Youth engagement – “Youth Led, Adult Supported”

Download the Strategic Plan and see how you can play your part in helping Scouts achieve its vision.

Strategic Plan 2016-2018 Full Colour
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 Strategic Plan 2016-2018 Print Friendly
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