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Shipwrecked Scurvy Scoundrels Scrimmage.

On the 20th July, 24 Tamworth Oxley Scurvy ridden pirate Cubs, 2 Villainous Venturers and 6 motivated Leaders set sail on HMAS Scoundrel and headed for the seven seas. The seas were rough yet the mighty crew hung tough to shipwreck right next to Oxley Scout Hall.

Jack Simpson and Jamie Upton were made to walk the plank after plotting a terrible mutiny with the scouts. Pirate Cricket along with Pirate Bagheera had great pleasure pushing the lilly lizard bandits into the deep dark waters of Scout Bay.

With supplies now lost at sea the remaining crew had to pull together and work as a tight knit team to overcome the obstacles of being stranded on an isolated island. Flag poles were constructed and stood strong and proud against the unforgiving sea breeze, to signal passers by of our location. Flags were created and proudly hoisted showing which pirate belonged to which team. Of course being such a wild and restless bunch of jewel thieving jolly rogers a treasure hunt began and competition between the teams was relentless.

Team Black Pearl won with an amazing 87 pieces of cold in their pouches. With night quickly approaching the teams got their hands dirty mixing up damper delights that would make any old sea dog proud. Of course a pirate can not live on bread alone so sea sick stew was promptly made with very little blood spilt.

For entertainment a great session of camp fire activities took place with jokes and some ear splitting singing then of course Atlantis was played on the big sail for everyone’s enjoyment. Next morning the continuous empty pits were munching on wooden legs waiting for their scrumptious scrambled seagull samples and piles of plankton patch pancakes. After having their fill, teams decided to test their sword skills against each. WHAT A BATTLE. Anyway lucky for us we were found by a rescue vessel (namely our parents) to be safely returned to home after a wonderful camp of adventure.

From Cricket, Baloo, Kaa, Hathi, Bagheera, Messua and Keego.

Information to follow on the Tamworth Oxley Scout Group

2010 was a very busy year having so much fun – Check the photos out

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