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There are various facilities available at Lynchwood Scout Camp including Camp Sites, Dining Hall, Catering Facilities, Large Kitchen for Catering, Showers, Toilets, Bunk Houses, Meeting Room, and Open Activity Areas. Please indicate the facilities you require and the number of people using those facilities below.

Up to 75 people can be accommodated in Bunks within the Bunk Houses. Up to 100 people can be accommodated and seated within the Dining Hall. Catering can be arranged, this will require further information such as meal types, food alergies and so forth, in order to determine a cost and have a quotation issued.

Please Note: Most Scout Camp Sites in NSW are not connected to the Town Water Supplies due to their bush locations. Lynchwood and Kamilaroi Camps are no different, and use either untreated rain water from Tanks and/or untreated bore water. Although many Australians have grown up on untreated tank water, it is our responsibility to inform all users of these facilities that in NSW the Health Authorities do not consider tank water to be potable. With this in mind you may wish to bring your own potable water for drinking purposes.
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The Region Office of the North West Scouts will be in touch with you shortly, or during the next business day with availability, costings and further information.
Region Office Manager, Scouts Australia, North West Region
PO Box 353, Tamworth. NSW 2340.
Email: [email protected]
Phone/Fax 02 67657700