Cub Theme Programs

Below there are a large number of Cub Programs which you can use in it’s complete format, or just parts of them. They are a resource for all Cub Leaders to assist in programming and ideas gathering. If you have a program that has worked very well and would like to share it also, please forward it to the RC Cubs and it may also appear here on this page.

10 Week program – Theme Shipwrecked 4 Week program – Cub Scouting Traditions
4 Week Program – Space Cowboys Etiquette program
First Aid Game Frozen Wastelands
Lemon Squeezer Woggle Christmas Handcraft
Easter Handcraft Fathers Day Handcraft
Mothers Day Handcraft International – Africa
International – Alaska International – China
International – England International – Mexico
Jungle Trivia Q&A Knot Package Program 1
Knot Package Program 2 Knot Package Program 3
New Chum Jungle Games & Activities Our Cub Scout Traditions – Jungle Book Wk1
Our Cub Scout Traditions – Jungle Book Wk2 Our Cub Scout Traditions Program Wk1
Our Cub Scout Traditions Program Wk2 Our Cub Scout Traditions Program Wk3
Our Cub Scout Traditions Program Wk4 Pack Holiday Preparation Wk1
Pack Holiday Preparation Wk2 Pack Holiday Preparation Wk3
Pack Holiday Preparation Wk4 People & Cultures – Australian Diversity
People & Cultures – Indigenous Australians People & Cultures – South America
People & Cultures – World Scouting Jungle Program
Wolf Cubs Program Sleepover Program – Pirate Theme
Special Pack Meeting – Theme Christmas in the Outback Special Pack Meeting – Theme Circus
Special Pack Meeting – Theme Convict Night Special Pack Meeting – Theme Festival
Special Pack Meeting – Theme Gypsy Special Pack Meeting – Theme International
Special Pack Meeting – Theme King Arthur Special Pack Meeting – Theme Olympics
Special Pack Meeting – Theme Pirates Special Pack Meeting – Theme Vintage Car Rally
The Jungle Book – The First story The Law Of The Jungle
The Story of how Mowgli became part of the Pack Under The Sea Program
Masks and Sculpture over 3 nights