Become a LeaderThere are many roles for adults in Scouts Australia. You may become a Leader of a Joey Mob, Cub Scout Pack, Scout Troop or Venturer Scout Unit, which involves varying degrees of program planning and weekly meetings.

You may have a certain interest in adventurous activities such as abseiling or water activities and become an Activity Leader.

As you progress through Scouting, you can also become involved in training and leading adults.

Leaders of Joey Scout Mobs, Cub Scout Packs, Scout Troops and Venturer Scout Units need to allocate one night a week for the group meeting during school term time. You will also need to attend group activities (e.g. hikes or camping trips) on a few weekends a year. Also attendance at a monthly meeting of Leaders is required.

Leaders are given training and support by other Leaders from Scouts Australia, and are given resources of program ideas. There is training in all aspects of youth leadership, program planning, safety and other requirements.

Leader Uniform and Badge Placement